Mark Dougan meets with Russian Secretary of State Pavel Borodin

Mark Dougan MD International Holdings Meets with Russian Secretary of State Pavel Borodin

MD International Holdings Chief Executive Officer Mark Dougan traveled to Moscow in the Russian Federation to meet with the Russian Secretary of State, Pavel Borodin.

The meeting was to establish cooperation in various aspects of business, as well as to provide philanthropic help to many of the charities located in Russia. Secretary Borodin is an avid supporter of charities, specifically to the children in orphanages, as well as having five adopted children of his own.

Mark Dougan Selects Single Mother, Aspiring Entreprenuer, to Donate First Business Website

Mark Dougan donates web site to young Entrepreneur Tonya Whitaker  | Photo taken at the Oldich Dress and Drink, Moscow, Russia

Mark Dougan's charity picks a struggling mother to donate a business website that will enable her to be effective in her business.

Last week, Mark Dougan, chairman of iTechnology and MD International Holdings, announced his company would be donating a website each quarter to a new entrepreneur who wanted to start a business yet had limited resources to do so. He believes this type of charity encourages people to excel, not sit back and wait for others to give, while helping with the expensive  start-up costs associated with a new business.

Mark Dougan and his New Year’s Resolution for iTechnology

Mark Dougan | Photo taken at the Oldich Dress and Drink, Moscow, Russia

iTechnology, announced a new program to sponsor the development of struggling new businesses, assisting them in becoming successful. When asked about the program, Mark Dougan stated, “As recently as five years ago, it was easy to start a business and be competitive. These days, however, one must have technical savvy or the resources to acquire the talent to market and promote themselves. The internet is the ‘yellow pages’ of our time and affording the means to be found amongst your competition can be a challenge.”


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